Excited and Terrified


Crazy Hearts
06/06/2023 Wesley Dean

To you, Crazy Heart,

TV’s on in the background, the kids are relaxing, which is rare. A late night last night, we had a birthday bash  for Jackson, he turned 5.  It makes me think how stationary we are right now, and how ‘normal’ it is. The kids in the neighbourhood drop by, we eat snacks and just hang out on a lazy afternoon. But in under a week it will all be different.

On Wednesday the 7th of June we’ll driving off in an RV out of Nashville and on an adventure that is written in the stars. Tempting fate and documenting the journey and finding connection with people all over this great land of America…

Over the next 55 days we will be travelling through America visiting towns off the beaten track and playing for the communities , so, come join us for a unique insight on a tour that will be planned as we go….

Wesley Dean