Crazy Hearts in Santa Fe


Crazy Hearts
07/12/2023 Wesley Dean
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Sorry it’s been a few weeks Crazy Hearts, thank you for all your kind messages and I’m so glad you’re all enjoying the Crazy Hearts adventures so far…it was one wild ride!

This week we travel through Route 66. With a new generator in tow, but still the air conditioning was struggling in the excessive heat.

Route 66 was full of amazing iconic desert landscapes straight out of a John Wayne film that would change in a blink of an eye. One minute it was just flat horizons for days, next minute you were winding through the mountains… we were headed for Albuquerque New Mexico, until we weren’t.

Long story short, when we made it to our accommodations, I got that dreaded feeling that it wasn’t quite the right place to park an RV with a massive sign with your name all over it and a lot of gear inside that needed to be protected. Most importantly, my family…so I quickly pivoted and said I would push on and take the family to Santa Fe.

That’s when the CO2 alarm went off. I’ve never heard an alarm quite like it…either we were being slowly poisoned, or hopefully there was a fault in the system. We pulled over as quickly as possible, the kids and Char, really overwhelmed and scared, called for help and managed to turn it off. It took about 2 hours to sort, so we rolled in Santa Fe in the dark hoping for a nice place to rest and take a minute to work out our plans.

That we did! The hotel (where I could safely park the RV) was absolutely what we needed. There was a pool, and we took the time to just be with the kids and find locations to shoot not 1, but 2 music videos.

Santa Fe was majestic in every way. From the ancient landscapes to culinary delights, we took in everything we could and came out all the richer.

We spent time in San Miguel Chapel “aka the Oldest Church” and dove into the artisan delights nearby. I found some beautiful jewelry and had some of the most honest and sincere conversations in my life around art and creativity with the locals.

We stumbled into a vintage store called Better Day Vintage…we picked up at least 9 looks for the music videos we were about to shoot, and found some treasures I’ve promised I’ll keep forever, as I will my memories of this gorgeous city.

There was a romance I could feel in Santa Fe…and I could hear echoes of love stories as I walked the town late at night.

Santa Fe turned off all alarms and helped get everyone’s creative juices flowing as we got to work on the visual elements to all things Crazy Hearts.

But it wasn’t without our usual dance with drama. The night before we left, we got a call from the police saying our home in Nashville had been broken into. So yep. The hits kept coming, albeit with a slightly better landscape…But we were thankful to be safe. I think my plans to not stay where we originally had planned was the best decision for my family, my instincts were sharp… the prayers in that beautiful church may have helped too, I think…

Next stop was more road-tripping on the 66, and an encounter with some ex-prisoners down at Winslow.